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About Airy

Airy started with a vision to empower hospitality landscape in Indonesia with technology and strengthen tourism and hospitality in Indonesia. We integrate world-class technology and innovation, partner with high quality local accommodations to offer the best value travel experience. Placing our customers in the center, Airy is committed to continuously provide the best hospitality service for everyone.

Since then, we have evolved and grown to become a company with 300+ employees and 1000+ hotel partners across 90+ cities in Indonesia; working together, hand-in-hand to deliver solutions and to make affordable stay possible for everyone.

Inspired by Customers and Improvement

Airy aims to transform Indonesia’s hospitality and tourism industry, enhancing quality of hotel and service, and enabling access to everyone through digital service and latest technology.

Inspired by Innovation and Technology

By constant improvement and idea, Airy brings a dynamic environment that understands and provides both hospitality industry and customers’ needs.

Inspired by Bold Idea

Airy is home to some of Indonesia’s most talented minds. Together, we are contributing, collaborating, combining, and amplifying ideas to create changes and improvement in everything we do.

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In Airy, we encourage personal growth and self-development. Enhance your own potential and pave your own career.
You don’t grow for us, you grow with us!

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Find yourself surrounded by positive minds who never back down from challenges and hurdles. Strive for excellence, take risks, and see your potential soar.

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Express yourself freely, speak your mind and ideas in a workplace that appreciates openness and equal-standing.

Discover Your Inspiration

We are committed to make Airy a comfortable, supportive workplace. You will be provided competitive salary and benefit, mentorship, coaching, facilities, allowances, and more!

We are more than just goals and deadlines. We also make lifetime friends and network! See all the fun activities we have in Airy!

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